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Pinned topic Maximo 7117 - Question

‏2013-01-28T21:14:44Z |
Maximo 7117 - Question

According to the maximo documentation, we have (and experimenting in
stage1 - lower env) it is not possible to move an existing site to
another organization in Maximo.

How to do this? Would we need to do a direct database update? If so, do
you have a prewritten script that provide us with everything that needs

We raised a PMR 72526,550,000 - SUPERVALU INC - S2 - 7117 - Move existing site to another ORG. They replied back that there is no functionality to move a SITE from one ORG to another. Also, there are no scripts that exist that Support can send as you know SITEID is prevalent in hundreds of tables.

Please help and advise. Thanks!!