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‏2013-01-28T20:04:06Z |
We currently have an environment consisting products BPM V7.5 and WBM V7, now there is a requirement to migrate this to the latest version of BPM and BAM (V8). We have been reading info center docs and other several forums and portals to extract the information a/c to our scenario but yet we are unable to get firm answers for our below concerns:

  • Our 2 apps were developed using WID6 and deployed on WPS7. Are these apps readily deployable on BPM8, or do they need re-packaging using IID8?

  • Monitoring models were deployed along the 2 apps we currently have. Data gathering has been going on for more than 6 months. This historical data needs to be migrated into the new BPM8 environment. We need to ensure there is a process to export/import monitoring data without any loss.

  • At the time of the switch-over (from WPS7 to BPM8), some processes may still be active. What exactly should be the pre-cautions for Migration of in-flight processes?

Waiting for your expert opinions.