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Pinned topic BasicAuth policy with XML firewall

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We have a ReST service developed using XML firewall. Now we need to add HTTP Basic authentication in the HTTP Headers going out of XML firewall.
We have created a user agent with BasicAuth policy and added to XML manager in XMLFW. But the Basic authentication is not added to HTTP header in the request.

So we redeveloped the ReST service gateway through MPGW and added same XML manager. Now the basic authentication is added in HTTP header.

We have come to know that we can add HTTP header using XSL in policy. But we don't want to add using XSL.

Please let me know how to make it happen in XML firewall.

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  • Liv2luv
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    Re: BasicAuth policy with XML firewall

    I would try using the 'header injection parameters' in XML FW

    Direction: Back
    Header Name: Authorization
    Header Value: Basic YmVucGJvY0FmZXBvUy5jb206cnVsZAM=
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    Re: BasicAuth policy with XML firewall

    May you attach an export containing both services?
    Such an export will answer some questions (incl. Firmware version).

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  • swlinn
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    Re: BasicAuth policy with XML firewall

    The service's user agent contains a tab that allows you to specify a basic auth policy. The user agent is referenced by the xml manager which is referenced by your service. As a best practice, never update the default xml manager or user agent, but instead create new objects for this purpose.