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Pinned topic Java VT_DISPATCH Exception When Recording Citrix Script

‏2013-01-28T18:05:21Z |

When attempting to record a Citrix script we get the following exception in the RPT Error Log:

Unexpected Exception java.lang.IllegalStateException: Value has not the VT_DISPATCH type

The Citrix recorder window opens and I can access the application within it, but no traffic is shown in the RPT recsession window until I close the citrix recorder when it shows a single data point. the generated script contains just a 'Logoff from ...' step.

We get the same symptoms whether recording using an ICA file or using the Citrix web interface.

Software versions:
Windows XP SP3
Citrix ICA Client / Online Plugin

I haven't been able to find any reference to this error, is it a problem that has been seen before?
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    Re: Java VT_DISPATCH Exception When Recording Citrix Script

    This problem now seems to have been solved.

    We made two changes:

    • Granted read/write access to the C:\Program Files\IBM... directories to the userid that
    normally runs RPT.
    • Recorded a Citrix test while logged on as a user with Administrator rights.

    Once we had done both of these the 'normal' user was able to record and replay Citrix tests
    successfully. We're not sure whether both the changes were necessary or, if not, which one
    was the solution.