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Pinned topic LDXL column - export with canvas?

‏2013-01-28T12:59:14Z |
I want to export (to Word book format) a view that shows a single LDXL column.

For heading objects, this LDXL column mostly mimics what I see in the standard view for headings (except I append the object ID).
I do that using this DXL code:

font(getCanvas, level(obj), HeadingsFont)
displayRich(number(obj) " " obj."Object Heading" ID) //I append ID in LDXL column

Maybe there is a better way, I don't know, but this works as far as showing correctly in my LDXL column (headings show sizing and bolding as per the heading level).

However the headings don't appear when I export to Word ... is there a way to fix this so that the "headings" in this LDXL column will export to Word?

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  • SystemAdmin
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    Re: LDXL column - export with canvas?

    ‏2013-01-29T08:12:57Z  in response to strathglass
    Sorry, but you cannot export a result of a layout script to word, because this ist not a part of the module. I've to find a heading inside of a doors object, maybe as an embedded OLE of any graphical software tool.

    Best regards
  • Mathias Mamsch
    Mathias Mamsch
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    Re: LDXL column - export with canvas?

    ‏2013-01-29T19:11:08Z  in response to strathglass
    The problem here is, that the font table of the rich text, that you copy from DOORS is not kept. With the normal word export you will probably have no luck regarding this. But you can probably easily adapt the export code, to apply a word style to your layout DXL column. The default exporter already allows you to perform a style mapping, you just need to find a relatively generic way, to specify the style for your DXL layout column. In WEXP you can add a special tag to the title of the DXL Layout Column and WEXP would apply the style, that is specified in the title to the column. Probably not the worst way to go.

    Regards, Mathias

    Mathias Mamsch, IT-QBase GmbH, Consultant for Requirement Engineering and D00RS
    • strathglass
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      Re: LDXL column - export with canvas?

      ‏2013-02-07T15:59:34Z  in response to Mathias Mamsch
      OK, thanks Mathias (and Wolfgang).
      I was afraid I might have to delve into that standard Word Export script...I've looked at it before and it was kind of scary messy.
      I will give it another go.