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Very soon we are going to build a new cluster and use GPFS native raid (GNR) to provide our file system. I haven't had a great deal of time to read much about GPFS v3.5, however I gather that v3.5 offers new features re filesets and user quotas.

Our present system consists of two file systems. One to provide users' /home directories with a moderate file space quota, and another to provide users' /scratch dirrectories (quota is 500 Gbytes). We intentionally created two file systems to deal with the two different quotas (in /home (moderate) and in /scratch (large) for each user. We did because it was not possible to specify two quotas for each user in the same file system.

Ideally one file system would be best -- more spindles -- more efficient. Using filesets can I create the following for each user? For example for user "bloggs":
/home/bloggs --quota 100 Gbytes
/scratch/bloggs -- quota 500 Gbyteses

Is this possible, and if so how best can it be implemented? Your feedback would be apprecaited, please.

Best regards -- David.
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    Re: Setting user quotas on filesets

    GPFS 3.5 has improved user and group quotas (perfileset-quota) that allow control of these quotas by fileset owners.

    To enable per-fileset user and group in an existing file system, use via "mmchfs --perfileset-quota" or create a new file system in GPFS 3.5 with --perfileset-quota option.