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Pinned topic How I can check last get updated profile on AA from IMS Server.

‏2013-01-28T09:11:37Z |
Hi Everybody

When I update profile and upload to IMS Server
I found some AA cannot download last updated profile.
(I fixed by rename or delete cyptoboxs and restart machine or change NetSoapTimeoutSecs on client)

I'm not sure how many client will failed to download.

How can I check last get updated profile on client from IMS Server?"
for example IMS Server logs or data on db.
(by not using Access Studio to get local profile from client)

Thank in Adv.
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    Re: How I can check last get updated profile on AA from IMS Server.

    ‏2013-01-31T20:20:03Z  in response to SystemAdmin
    Unfortunately synchronizations between AA and IMS are not logged by the IMS or the database. The AccessAgent is responsible for tracking when the last sync took place since the sync's are initiated from the client side. If AA logging is at loglevel 3 or higher, you can parse the AA logs to find the last sync time.