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‏2013-01-27T14:55:59Z |
Hi all,

Here's a first question in this forum :)
I'm evaluation InfoSphere Data Explorer for use with entity extraction. In the changelog i see that the Gate plugin is removed from the installation.
Where can i find documentation to use Entity Extraction (Person, Organization, Location etc..).

Thanks in advance,
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    Re: Entity extraction

    I apologize for the late response as this slipped through the cracks. In terms of entity extraction we are integrating with some new text analytic capabilities that are part of IBM's Big Data platform. If there is a specific use case you have in mind I am happy to talk further with you about it and how we can use this technology to fit your need. The challenge with GATE was really performance. It is still possible for someone to configure GATE and integrate into our conversion framework it just isn't something we ship with. I can be reached at to answer more of your specific questions.