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Pinned topic WAS Cluster with MQ Clustere

‏2013-01-27T07:03:12Z |
Hi Mates,

I have MQ two Full repository cluster which is connected to WebSphere Application Server cluster (2node cluster), to put and get a message. I can able to put a message and while receiving, if the queueManager is down, I am unable to receive the message, the other queue manager in the cluster is not processing the message from the inactive queue manager.

Could you please revert on this?

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  • Shashikanth@BLR
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    Re: WAS Cluster with MQ Clustere

    Yes, that is expected. If a queue manager in a MQ cluster goes down, then the messages residing in cluster queues hosted by that queue manager are not accessible to other queue managers in the cluster or applications. You will need to bring up the queue manager to access messages.

    MQ Clusters work little differently than HA clusters. MQ Clusters are quite useful for work load balancing than High Availability.
  • SystemAdmin
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    Re: WAS Cluster with MQ Clustere

    Perhaps what you really wanted was a highly available queue manager?

    Take a look at Scenario: Using a multi-instance queue manager for high availability with WebSphere Application Server