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Pinned topic How to execute multiple steps in multiple processes

‏2013-01-25T22:58:59Z |
Hello friends at developerWorks.

I have a requirement for a business correspondence system. At some point in the process, users will receive a "read correspondence" task in their inboxes. Since one user can receive several tasks, s/he could end up with 20 or 30 tasks.

The user interface is outlook-like. There is the necessity for the following feature: the user could select several "read correspondence" tasks, and mark them as read (this completing the task).

My question is: what alternatives do I have to execute these tasks massively in Filenet?

Is there something like a "tasks batch"?

Because the only option I'm aware of is to use the PE API to open a session to PE and then execute all those tasks and then close the connection.

Thank you.
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    Re: How to execute multiple steps in multiple processes

    There is no functionality like that OOTB, you must dispatch them 1 at a time.

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