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Pinned topic Publishing to WAS using RBD - ???

‏2013-01-25T17:29:36Z |
RBD 8.5
WAS remote/local server v7.0.0.19

I was curious how other groups out there use RBD to publish web projects (EARs) to WAS and if anyone actually does this. Is it more common to use the WAS admin console to update/install EARs? It seems that using the admin console to manage a WAS application is pretty inefficient.

I am asking this because I have seen some strange behavior between the RBD workbench and the available servers. For example, RBD apparently keeps track of applications published to a server if that application has been published from the workbench. So after installing an application to a server (remote or local) RBD keeps track of changes to the application and allows the user to republish to the server when changes are made. But if you remove the project from the workbench the application is no longer listed within the server, and if you add the project back to the workbench the application is never listed again unless it is republished. This seems to be problematic in several ways since you have to re-install the application to get RBD to recognize that the sever and the workbench are in sync again. This makes publishing from RBD very difficult.

I would think that the piece in RBD that manages the server connections should query the installed apps and list them, regardless of whether the application had been installed from that workbench or not. RBD queries the server for their status but not installed applications, this makes management from RBD seemingly impossible.