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‏2013-01-25T14:20:55Z |
A client is using RPE 1.1.2/DOORS 9.3 on a XP Pro client with 1GB RAM as a VMWare guest on a MacBook Pro (using 4GB).

She initially had no issues, then after running one .dta, she said when she publishes a document, she gets the error in the subject line as RPE is running a registry query to all the different possible DOORS installation directories (9.1, 9.2, 93, 9.4 and 0). I looked at the errors in the RPE guide on line and could not find the error.

Anyone have any ideas what this may be?


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    Re: InstallationDirectory error = 5

    Hey Pete,

    RPE does read the registry to find DOORS information ( doors.exe path, default database etc). For this it runs the "reg query" command. I suggest running this command from a command prompt to see if it runs successfully on that machine.


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