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Pinned topic Blank TM1 web page loading in Report studio

‏2013-01-25T05:17:21Z |
Hi Gurus,

we have integrated the TM1 9.5.1 with Cognos Report studio ( 8.4.1 version).and we have linked TM1 web sheets in Cognos report studio reports. Users are opening the tm1 webpages from Report studio report to enter their comments and that will save into TM1 cube to maintain history. Some times tm1 webpage loading with blank white screen even we have given corerct TM1 web urls in the report. Not showing any data when loading the tm1 webpage in the Report studio report. we are able to access TM1 web sheets from TM1 web.

why TM1 webpage showing blank screen in the report. the problem is temporarily resolving when recycle the TM1 application server.After some time the issue is re-occurring.

we are using IIS 6.0 , Excel 2010 , Cognos TM1 9.5.1 ,Cognos 8.4.1

Thanks in Advance