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Pinned topic use custom code realize thinktime

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In the test, how to use custom code realize thinktime? Thanks!
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    Re: use custom code realize thinktime

    The tool records time from one HTTP page to another HTTP page as think time, a simulation of the time a human spent processing a page before making the gesture that resulted in a request being sent to the server that results in retrieving the second page.

    The actual playback think time is based relative to the first character sent timestamp of the previous page. That way the time requests are sent to the server matches what happened at record time, regardless of how long it takes to process all the requests of the previous page.

    Disabling think time, limiting think time and other options for think time can be specified with the schedule editor.

    Obtaining the actual time spent thinking is not available and thus cannot be passed into Custom Code as an argument.

    If you want to perform calculations in Custom Code to produce a customized think time it is possible with data sources to make the return value of the custom code a reference site that can provide data to a Delay action as a substitution site. In that way the output from Custom Code could be passed into the Delay action to simulate think time in some calculated way.