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Pinned topic ISD 6.3.2 Installer error 29002.DNZINS902E

‏2013-01-24T12:15:28Z |
Have created a brand new 64bit 2003 OS and install isd 6.3.2 in the defaul basic format. 5 minutes into the installation of Director I get a an error about the common agent installer, bombing the installation out. The initial error is....

Error 29002.DNZINS902E CASInstaller: A general runtime installation error. Check the D:\program files\ibm\director\agent\logs\install\epInstall.log for details on the install failure.

... But there is no agent directory.

The next error...

1:DNZINS132E Error installing Common Agent, return code = 1603. Check WINDIR\diragentinst_*log for additional information

...and another error re-itering the return code

Viewing the windows diragentinstall log as far as I can see just re-iterates the above popup error + the additional bumf of director trying to cleanup after itself.

Can anyone let me know how to fix/work around this problem?
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    Re: ISD 6.3.2 Installer error 29002.DNZINS902E

    Tried this again by rebuilding the servers as de-installing the software created another error message when re-installing. However even after rebuilding again I recieved the same error.

    Rebuilt again on a different domain with a similarly permissioned login in the common agent credentials (login credentials after the basic option) and did not get this message.

    Obviously something to do with specific permissions that a Group policy id effecting.

    Still do not know why though.