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Pinned topic Failed Flashcopy Logical Drive

‏2013-01-24T08:47:23Z |
Dear All,

DS3500 installed with three Exps 3000 and i have configured one Flash Drive with repository and after some time this Flash drive giving error, as following,the Recovery Guru Details and information.

**Failed Flashcopy Logical Drive**
What Caused the Problem?
A enhanced flashCopy logical drive has failed. This problem can occur for the following reasons:
• Scenario 1 (most common) - All of the repository logical drive's available capacity has been used.
• Scenario 2 (least common) - The loss of cached data forced a flashcopy repository logical drive into an Offline status, which caused the enhanced flashCopy logical drive to fail.

Storage event file is attached.

Anybody have an idea that what happens..

waiting for urgent reply.