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Pinned topic Issue after Upgrading to RPT 8.3.0

‏2013-01-24T04:45:40Z |
Hi All,

We recently upgraded to RPT 8.3.0 from After this we were unable to run the older scripts properly. There was a warning message on the workspace :

'The workspace contains resources produced in a previous relaese.Click here to upgrade'.

After clicking there the files started to upgrade and I got another error message as:

'Projects and folders in italic contains missing resources. Greyes items are referenced by other resources but missing in the workspace'.

After which we rolled back to the previous version. But now also we are not able to run the scripts and error message comes upon opening the files which says the files belong to a newer verion i.e 8.3.0

I am attaching the screen shot of error message here.

Please help to solve this issue.

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    Re: Issue after Upgrading to RPT 8.3.0

    Hi Manish,

    Once that files are upgraded to a higher version, they cannot be used in an earlier version. The only solution is to revert to backup files of your workspace.

    Note the message "Projects and folders in italic contains missing resources..." denotes a problem that already existed before the upgrade but was not diagnosed in earlier versions. It only means that at least one of the test assets in your workspace is referencing something that is missing. If this message is the only reason you moved back to RPT, then you can move again to 8.3.

    A "missing resource" is not necessarily an error. For instance, if you have a test result but have deleted its associated test. Another example, if you have a test but have deleted the recording used to generate the test.

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    Re: Issue after Upgrading to RPT 8.3.0

    Thanks Julian