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‏2013-01-23T21:34:58Z |
I want to move from maintaining a MS excel based service catalog to a web based service catalog. We have WSRR 7.5 installed but the business space is not yet installed. Given this scenario, my specific question is:

At this moment the spreadsheet helps to identify "Who is the service consumer", "Who is the end service provider" etc. Are there any attributes provided out of the box where in I can document these values. In both cases, the value can be 1..n

The end service provider may have details such as Application Name, Service name - in case of a web service based back end or name of a CICS program or Database tables etc. Intent is to provide a 360 view of the Enterprise service in question.
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    Re: Custom Service Catalog in WSRR

    There are several articles on developerWorks that might help you get started. As you have a spreadsheet this one in particular:
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    Re: Custom Service Catalog in WSRR


    Did you achieve managing excel sheet within WSRR ?

    Could you share what is the best way to do this