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Pinned topic automatica ant build - parameter substitution

‏2013-01-23T10:57:56Z |
I have to setup an automatic build procedure for WL 5.0.5 and I am able to correctly build apps using the provided <app-builder> ant task.

Unfortunately I still haven't found a proper way to customize the build for our different traget environments.

In order to transport the WL artifacts across dev, test, cert, and prod I set the following in the application-descriptor.xml file


Then I customized the properties in the build.xml before invoking the WL build task

<property name="tgt.IPAddress" value="mobiletest"/>
<property name="tgt.ctxRoot" value="worklight"/>

and I expected that the <app-builder> task would have made the proper substitution before building the .wlapp artifact.
Instead it looks like this does not happen.

Does this mean that I have to customize directly the application-descriptor.xml file before building the project ?

If this is the case, how can I handle the application-descriptor.xml file in my versioning subsystem ?
Is there any best practice about WL projects lifecycle ?

Please any advice about the following would be really appreciated.
Thanks in advance.
Ciao, Stefano.