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‏2013-01-23T08:56:02Z |
I'm developing an application on top of filenet.

Anyone know HOW the content manager stores properties metadata (class-default & userdefined) on database?

There is a table for each class? There is one big table? The properties are mapped on multipurpose columns or a tablecolumn is created for every added property?

As a developer I don't have access to database to verify my hypothesis, but I have to design the data model for my application.

Any help will be very appreciated!
  • RuthHildebrand-Lund
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    Re: Filenet Metadata Storing Strategy

    An object store is made up of several tables. Details about the database schema are in ecm_help → Developing IBM FileNet P8 Applications →
    Content Engine Development → Content Engine Java and .NET Developer’s Guide → Reference → Database Reference → Database table schemas. The link to the 5.1 version of the information is

    The metadata for the documents is stored in the DocVersion table, with one row for each document.
  • cwoliveira
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    Re: Filenet Metadata Storing Strategy


    You can take a look on this redbook. It contains sample use cases for repository design.

    IBM FileNet Content Manager Implementation Best Practices and Recommendations

    Also they are a couple references about Classes and Properties concepts on Content Engine. To explore physical database schema is good as reference and DBA tasks such as tuning, but it should not be your primary reference to design the solution.

    Administering IBM FileNet P8 > Administering Content Engine > Classes - Concepts:

    Administering IBM FileNet P8 > Administering Content Engine > Properties - Concepts: