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‏2013-01-22T22:18:59Z |
Hi, I have a doubt regarding the formula used for calculating the average (SUM(C3:C21)/snapshots/2) in my case for a process. Where the snapshot value is taken from AAA sheet which is 20. But if you see the cell count it is 19. Also, where do we get the divide 2 count in formula?
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    Re: NMON Top section avg calculation

    Tricky to answer that due to a slight vague question.

    Average "what" are you asking about?

    Which TAB and column are you looking at?

    Assuming Top TAB and the hidden CPU Avg. column used in the graphs.
    19 might be discounting the first snapshot as it is error prone.
    2 might be due to the number of CPUs with the same name
    • nmon for processes reports 100% as using one whole CPU

    Thanks Nigel