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Pinned topic Some minor issues related to user experience

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Firstly, I'd like to thank IBM for offering the SmartCloud trial account.

I just started explorering the IBM SmartCloud few mins ago. and I want to post some minor problems related to user experience.

1. I feel the default font size maybe too smal in this forum.

2. After logging into IBM SmartCloud Enterpise, the "Control panel" doesn't load in IE (ver 9.0.8112). The "Control panel" does load in Firefox (ver 18.0.1), but "Control panel" --> "Service Instances" --> "Add a service instance to get started" seems not working (tried to click it, nothing happens).

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    Re: Some minor issues related to user experience


    I'm a glad you are reviewing the Trial.. I can investigate the forum font, but in the mean time I would suggest (CTRL +) on your browser.
    I believe the font was set for lower resolution screens.

    Issues with the control panel and Internet Explorer should be submitted to the SCE Forum, they are better suited to address it.

    If SCE is not impacted, then typically an IE issue requires a cache and cookie purge of your browser.