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Pinned topic Cannot access gateway from blade running VIOS

‏2013-01-22T18:08:35Z |
Been sorting through this for multiple weeks and just want to get it solved. I have a BCS with a JS12 blade running VIOS It is connected to a switch using a Copper Passthrough module. It has been running for years just fine and was recently relocated (physically) to a new location with a new firewall but I retained the same network addressing/subnet. It WAS working initially after the relocation (not sure what changed to break it):

From the blade I can ping everything on the local switch except the gateway. I connected my laptop to the switch. The laptop can ping everything on the switch AND can ping the gateway. The laptop can also access other network resources and the Internet. The blade running VIOS cannot access anything but addresses on the local switch. Everything is on the same subnet on the local switch. From the other side of the gateway I cannot access the blade except by using the AMM and remote control. The AMM and a SAS module on the BCS ARE accessible from anywhere on the network which indicates that the firewall isn't preventing any traffic to the switch through the gateway. Routing must be OK since I can get to the AMM and SAS modules and the laptop on the switch can get to the Internet. But, there is something about the traffic to/from the blade that cannot traverse the gateway. I don't know what that would be.

The firewall is a Watchguard Firebox XTM510 (FWIW). I started troubleshooting with the IBM i team since the blade runs IBM i on VIOS and they suggested that it might have something to do with VLAN tagging but I am not sure exactly what that means and how it could affect the firewall. All I know is that about 6 weeks ago it was running fine and now it is not working. The firewall reports absolutely nothing on the IP address that the blade has been assigned.

Not sure how to proceed. What would you suggest? (I am more of an IBM i guy than a AIX guy so be specific on commands if I need to run diagnostics, etc).