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Pinned topic Add a disk to existing Raid 6 disk group using 3650 M4 with 5110e ctlr

‏2013-01-22T17:08:44Z |
I had recently configured a raid 6 disk group of 8 disks. I placed some VMs on it (ibm ESXi 5.0u1). Now I have received an additional disk which I wished to add to the disk group. Although webBios gives on screen instructions to add more unconfigured good disks to an existing disk group, the software actually always created a new group.

I have tried it every which way I can think of, on the assumption that I have just not done the correct key sequences (such as pressing control when selecting the drive) but to no avail. Two of my colleagues also did the same and not one of us could succeed. To the best of our knowledge we did it correctly as per the on screen instructions. We eventually gave up and created a 9 disk raid 6 disk group. That worked without any difficulty.

We will want to expand our disk count in the future when it will be very inconvenient to lose our VMs on the drive group. Is this addition to an existing raid 6 drive group possible or do we need to order enough disks at one time to create a new viable raid 6 drive group, minimum of 4?

We have a new 3650 M4 (7915 AC1) with the 8 drive expansion for a total of 16 drives available. All 9 existing drives are seen from the 5110e controller embedded on the motherboard. We have a 512MB cache card also attached to the motherboard.