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Pinned topic How To Create Link on a HTML Topic Page?

‏2013-01-22T16:48:01Z |
How do you create a link to a diagram within a HTML topic page? I want to link to examples of the topic in an exemplar model.

It appears that the pages are always in an edit mode which may be a factor and the browser plugin may only be a partial implemenation; why?

The "Submit" button does not support the "link" method and the "Link" element doesn't seem to work either.

I have been able to determine the URI would be something like "platform:/resource/Exemplar%20-%20P03-P8303a/Files/Business%20Processes%20Model.emx#_fVIrEH5hEeG0MPorqyKc4g" but that would only work within the context of the tool.