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Pinned topic Only one column is getting loaded

‏2013-01-22T10:29:09Z |
Sorry,Here iam again,this time when iam trying to load the data from the text file through T.I for the months Jan through Dec,I can see the data for only one measure,the remaining measures coming as zeros,I have checked the mapping,the elements are assigned properly,even the variable tab showing the sample value ,but my cube only display one measure value.Any help please.Thanks
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    Re: Only one column is getting loaded

    Are you getting any errors once you run the load TI? If yes then what do you see in the errors?

    Are you loading this data through the TM1 wizard or have you actually written some code in the Data Tab if the TI process?

    Screenshot of the Datasource tab and the Variable tab will be handy

    Rizwan Kaif