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Pinned topic Implementing custom Seedlist

‏2013-01-22T08:54:47Z |

I'd like to extend the WebSphere Portal Search with a custom Seedlist which contains information about products for an online store.
I've already developed the Atom feed an everything works but the links in the entry field are not recognized.

My Feedlist looks like this

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<atom:feed xmlns:atom="" xmlns:age="" xmlns:lconn="" xmlns:snx="" xmlns:wplc="">
<atom:title xml:lang="en">Search Result</atom:title>
<atom:link href="" rel="next" type="application/atom+xml" title="Next page" />
<wplc:action do="update" />
<atom:entry xml:lang="en">
<wplc:action do="update" />
<atom:link href="" rel="via" type="application/xhtml+xml" title="Google Homepage" />
<atom:content xml:lang="en" type="html">Search the world</atom:content>
<atom:title>Homepage Title</atom:title>
<wplc:field id="ATOMAPISOURCE"></wplc:field>

It works and is index by the Portal Server (Version 7) but when I click on the link I am directed to the seedlist URL, not to the google Homepage.

Any idea what is wrong with my seedlist?