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Pinned topic How to convert normal webapplication into portlet

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I'm new to portal, I need to convert normal web-application into a portlet, How to do this? Plz help me..

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    Re: How to convert normal webapplication into portlet


    There are multiple ways to go about it - each with an obvious trade-off between time and effort.
    1. Use iFrame - easiest to do but with least integration (only on glass). You dont touch your existing app.
    2. Use WAB (web application bride) - similar to iframe but a much better product that does the same
    3. Use WSRP - you can host and expose your local apps using remote portlets.
    4. Another approach is to develop the portlets' UI newly from scratch, based on JSPs and ajax, potentially DOJO. In this case it would still be possible to reuse the business logic of the application and "just" rework the UI. This approach will most probably give the tightest integration, since the UI can be designed with the portlet programming model in mind.

    So in a nutshell, ripping up your app and fitting it into portlets would require skill and effort. However, in the longer term, it would lead to a tighter and arguably a more maintainable app. But in case you do not wish to change your app, there are ready made solutions on offer.