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‏2013-01-21T19:23:51Z |
Need experienced GPFSers to check the procedure

Current I have a gpfs cluster with two nodes aix97 and aix98 running on aix with gpfs 3.4 and system p 595. I need to move the two servers to new hardware p7 750. As I have not done this before, need to seek your experience to see the procedure works?

1. Two day before the swap, mksysb restore aix97 and aix98 on two 750 lpars. Use a new sets of IPs
2. On the day of swap, shutdown old aix97 and aix98
3. reconfigure the IPs on new aix97/98 to that old IPs of aix97/98
4. Zone and cfgmgr all san disk where GPFS reside to the new aix97/98
5.Bring up the server and GPFS.

Does the above plan works? Are there any reconfiguration needed after the san disk swing to the new servers?

Thanks in advance.
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    Re: replacing hardware

    There are several ways of doing something like this. It will work the way you thought out, but you will have downtime and might have to do potential trouble shooting under stress (...well depends on what your servers are used for?).

    In case you have free switch ports for the two new machines then I would just add them to the GPFS set-up while the old ones are still providing the normal services. This way you will be able to fully test the new servers without interupting the existing ones. Once you are confident they are working, do the hostname/IP swap one by one. Beware of potential communication issues for the backend controll network for GPFS (potential ssh host keys, etc. when changing IP's). The goal here is to never really shutdown GPFS at all.

    In case you don't have spare switch ports, then I would still do them one by one. Again with the goal of trying to avoid shutting down GPFS.