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Pinned topic Rational Insight: Error during "install" phase

‏2013-01-21T16:11:49Z |
When I try to install Insight v1.1.1 in a windows server 2003 machine, I'm getting this message error.
"The next step is to use the IBM Rational Reporting Setup Server to configure the report server. You need to start the Setup Server, run the server.config command (located in the C:\IBM\Reporting\RRDI\setup\tool\JazzTeamServer\server directory), and open the Setup Wizard in your web browser. See the Information Center articles on running and using the Setup Server. CRIMA1020E: Failed to extract zip com.ibm.java.win32.jre File C:\IBM\Reporting\RRDI\etl\jre\bin\java_pt_BR.properties already exists."

This message doesn't let me finish the installation.
I already post this question in jazz.net https://jazz.net/forum/questions/95883/insight-error-during-install-phase but still no answered.

One additional thing, In the server I have also a ClearQuest Tool (Version and Rational License Key Server (Version 8.1.2)

I'm attaching a print of the error message.

Hope anyone can help me.