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‏2013-01-21T15:59:31Z |
Originally I had an issue upgrading the plugin with the old dependencies still there. The workaround was to finally re-install eclipse and restart my workbench anew. However, I have noticed another issue when upgrading (3 different environments).

Elclipse Juno with Worklight 5.0.5 on Mac
Elclipse Indigo with Worklight 5.0.5 on Win 7
IBM Worklight Studio

I get an error in the console when trying to start the local server on all 3 environments after an a painstaking upgrade.

Failed synchronizing application from database.
When I stop trying to run the server, it is fine.

I'll keep trying to debug it and figure out a solution, but if anyone has suggestions outside of reinstalling again, please let me know.

Also hoping that some of these updates can be a little more streamlined.
  • VV3R_mordechai_taitelman
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    Re: IBM Worklight Update

    Hi Harry
    In your old environments were you using the default (HSQL) database ?
    As a starting point I would try to clean the old <eclipse_workspace>/WorklightServerHome
    so if you used HSQL it will force the server to rebuild the local copies.
    Deleting that directory will not damage in anyway the existing projects.
    Its like cleaning cache.

    If it didnt work , tell me your DB vendor.
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    Re: IBM Worklight Update

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    See the Forum Migration announce post for more details. Thank you.

    Barbara Hampson, Manager, IBM Worklight