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Pinned topic Mapping VM drive/mount point to SAN Storage Volume

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A Customer Requirements :
In VMware, because of shared resources....if there is a Application eg Oracle running in a VM writing to the disk for instance, and there is a "slow" performance it is challenging to drill down to the SAN storage level if there is no monitoring capability
Customer wants the monitoring ability to drill down from the VM, to the ESX datastore mapping to the SAN storage volume performance....

TPC (Tivoli Productivity Center) will be able to "extract" what volumes there are ....and the I/O ops hitting those volumes.....
TPC provides volume information....this volume information from SAN controller is platform does not know if the volume is "assign" to a ESX server ie it is a VMWare Datastore.
Thus the question was there a way to have SCM or Agent builder agent perform a query to VMware and TPC and mapped it so that SCM will be "aware" of which VM file system mount point is using which ESX Datastore and the corresopnding SAN Storage Volume ( from TPC )? If you have done this or similar implementation..appreciate if you could share / advise. Thanks
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    Re: Mapping VM drive/mount point to SAN Storage Volume

    The ITM for Virtual Environment VMware agent does monitor datastores configured for VMware ESX servers. The monitored data can be viewed in the Datastores workspace of the agent, as shown in the attached screen capture "Datastores_Workspace.JPG".
    There is crosslink which takes you to the VM Datastore Utilization workspace, where additional details about the datastore and the virtual machines associated with it are displayed.