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Pinned topic Error in testing OOB txn

‏2013-01-21T10:43:54Z | mdm-migration
Hi All,

I have installed MDM9.0.2 on Linux. MDM is installed properly. APPDEPLOYMENT,APPSOFTWARE,APPINSTANCE were populated properly.

When I am trying to run the sample xml from Batch framework and script. I am getting the below error.

DMGR is installed in machine 'A' and my cluster is on machine 'B' .

javax.naming.ServiceUnavailableException: A communication failure occurred while attempting to obtain an initial context with the provider
URL: "corbaloc:iiop:serverName:9810".
Make sure that any bootstrap address information in the URL is correct and that the target name server is running.
A bootstrap address with no port specification defaults to port 2809.
Possible causes other than an incorrect bootstrap address or unavailable name server include the network environment
and workstation network configuration. [Root exception is org.omg.CORBA.TRANSIENT:
Connection refused:host=serverName,port=9810 vmcid: IBM minor code: E02 completed: No]
Please suggest, What do I need to give in the URL of file.
Do i need to give the DMGR server name or the hostname where my server exists. I tried both, but getting the same error.

My dmgr does not have the rmi port. So, I gave hostname of dmgr server and rmi port of my server. Is that right?

Krishna Kishore.K
  • KrishnaKandi
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    Re: Error in testing OOB txn

    My port was not correct. We need to use the host name where our server resides.

    Krishna Kishore.K