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Pinned topic Looking for something like an GetObject-Method

‏2013-01-21T10:35:22Z |

I'm using Clear Quest inside of an other software (Excel)

Dim objCqSession objCqSession = CreateObject(
"CLEARQUEST.SESSION") Call objCqSession.UserLogon(
"DatabaseName", 2, 

After using a code like above, ClearQuest is running and the user has been logged in.

Instead of this I want to use:

Dim objCqSession objCqSession = GetObject(,

The last type of getting an ole-automatization-object shall be used in the situation, the user allready has started the programm and logged in. In this case no further login shall be necessary. But the "GetObject"-Method does not work.

Any ideas?

Best regards
  • cglockner
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    Re: Looking for something like an GetObject-Method

    Hello Wolfgang,

    If I understood your request correctly, you're thinking of reusing an existing ClearQuest session (which is started by the user opening the Windows client and logging in) from within that Excel macro - is that what you're trying to do?

    If so, unfortunately this won't be possible.