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Pinned topic How to create excel sheet through COBOL program

‏2013-01-21T05:34:35Z |
Hi All,

Please help me. I'm new to programming and now I'm dealing with COBOL. I want to create excel document with some named rows and columns. Please suggest me and help me to achieve this.
As I am fresher I want to know deeply on what to do ? and How to do?

And how i can compile a Cobol program in my home pc? is ter any software to do that?
Please suggest me.
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    Re: How to create excel sheet through COBOL program

    Ah, this answers some the questions I noted in your other post. I'll assume 'fresher' == 'freshman'/'newbie'

    As for EXCEL, you'll have use their documentation to discover the requisite file/record formatting APIs, they should be directly callable from any COBOL variant (assuming their stock STDCALL, not funky .net).

    Richard A Nelson (Rick)
    COBOL Development IBM Silicon Valley Laboratory