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Pinned topic Changing implementaion of ANT in RAD 8.5 from the default to ANT 1.8.4

‏2013-01-21T01:52:47Z |
I am using RAD 8.5. I want to use ANT version 1.8.4 with ANT scripts in RAD.

  • What is the current version of ANT in RAD 8.5?
  • If I download ANT source and build it in RAD, is it possible to associate that to the ANT build and debug into that ANT source from within RAD when running a script?

I need to do this to figure out why the Java 6 wildcard path works with simple jdk but not when using an ANT task.

Is it possible to do what I want to do?

What are the detailed steps to set it up, if it is possible?

Thank you
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    Re: Changing implementaion of ANT in RAD 8.5 from the default to ANT 1.8.4

    You can check the version of Ant by doing <RAD_HOME>/bin/runAnt -version.
    For RAD 8.5 this will give you:

    HeadlessWorkspaceSettings: INITIAL autoBuild=
    true maxFile=1048576 HeadlessWorkspaceSettings: TEMP autoBuild=
    false maxFile=-1 *Apache Ant version 1.7.1 compiled on June 27 2008*   BUILD SUCCESSFUL Total time: 0 seconds HeadlessWorkspaceSettings: RESTORED autoBuild=
    true maxFile=1048576

    What this means is that the officially supported version of Ant in our product is v1.7.1.

    You can try to change it by following instructions on:
    If you do change it in this way and continue running builds with the headless RAD tools, verify that the new version is being picked up again by using the "runAnt -version" command

    As I said, we only officially support the version v1.7.1, any other version is not officially supported and has not been tested.