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Pinned topic Clarification on Grid enablement toolkit for Datastage parallel jobs

‏2013-01-20T15:54:30Z |
I have read the Redbook "Deploying the Grid Solution with the Infosphere Information Server" though its on linux I guess things are same on AIX too and I have also gone through the code of


But few things are still unclear which are mentioned below, Could someone please help in understanding

1. I couldnt find the code which creates *_PID_start (The last point I could trace was * calling GenConfig class file which creates the configuration file and the next step should be creation of _PID_start for which is waiting . Is the *_PID_Start file created by GenConfig class ?

2. After the job completes I couldn't find where the held resources are released by resource manager. The documentation says the waits for the *_PID_end file (I could see this) but after it finds the _end file it simply terminates.