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Pinned topic ISD got in error after smstart

‏2013-01-19T09:59:12Z |
My systems director (6.3.2) got in error after smtart. Does anyone how I can found more information about the reason?
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  • gcorneau
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    Re: ISD got in error after smstart

    You can look at the logs in $DIRECTOR_HOME/log (logs like smserver.log and TWGServer.err)
    Another location is $DIRECTOR_HOME/lwi/logs/error-log-0.html

    $DIRECTOR_HOME refers to the base directory where the Director Server code is installed.
    On AIX/Linux it is /opt/ibm/director.

    Glen Corneau
    IBM Power Systems Advanced Technical Skills
  • SystemAdmin
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    Re: ISD got in error after smstart

    There is a bulk of information. For me it isn't possible to find the reasoon so I decided to install then ISD again.

    Thanks for your help - good to know