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We have a cluster consisting of 3 websphere application servers, we use memory to memory replication (entire domain topology) to replicate each session in all application servers in the domain, we want the cluster to be able to keep 7000 sessions, should we set Maximum in-memory session count to 7000? or when a session is replicated to another application server, that session is not counted as that server's session and we can set this number to a lower value (for example 2500)?
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    Re: session management

    You should set 7000 on all.
    Let assume you have 2000 active sessions on every member, now one of your members fails, then these sessions become active on other members and they will have about 3000 sessions each. If the second server will fail, you will have to be able to handle all 6000 on one (in theory at least :-)) .

    Any reason why you'd chosen entire domain instead of single replica? In this case each of your members holds 2/3 currently unneeded sessions (instead of 1/2) and if you add next member it will be 3/4.