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Pinned topic Blade & cisco module : vlan tagging issue

‏2013-01-18T22:19:02Z |
Hi people !

I have an issue on blade AIX, with NIB etherchannel on 2 I/O modules CISCO 3012

the ports on the switch cisco are same configured :
switchport trunk native vlan 150
switchport trunk allowed vlan 150,70

Etherchannel ent2 on AIX is configured with his primary and backup (with ping address as failover detection to
en2 :
en3 (VLAN 70) =

Here's the problem:
When I'am on backup interface (to cisco3012 n°2,then backbone 2), ping success to vlan 150
When I'am on primary interface (to cisco3012 n°1,then backbone 1), ping failed to vlan 150

The link between cisco in the blade and backbone is linkaggregation with 4 link.

tcpdump on the aix show us the output traffic(10.60.150.XX) is untagged
We see some arp request come input traffic tagged with vlan 2684 (it's too weird) , so AIX doesn't reply.
We guess it's not a good choice to specify vlan 150 as native vlan & trunk allowed vlan at the same time...but we're not sure,because even when vlan 150 is removed from allowed vlan list (still in native), the behavior is the same...
Any idea ? (2 days stuck)
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    Re: Blade & cisco module : vlan tagging issue


    We are facing the exact same problem,

    Declaring the said vlan 2684 on the AIX system works, so this vlan appear to be a default behaviour when something else is missing.

    Any though ?


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    Re: Blade & cisco module : vlan tagging issue

    This issue is solved.

    blade has been unplugged & plugged.

    The Vlan 2684 is gone, and there isn't receive errors on this interface anymore.

    Thanks still.