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Pinned topic Measuring response and resolution separately on the same incident ticket

‏2013-01-18T17:48:09Z |
Our service managers want to use Maximo to monitor not only resolution targets for incidents but also response targets for those same incidents. Although response will usually occur before resolution for an incident, the resolution activity can be going on in parallel with the response activity.

Maximo has the functionality to calculate both target response times and target resolution times from the SLA linked to an incident: so far, so good.

The problem arises with ‘SLAHOLD’ status. I am told that, in the real world, if a ticket is put on ‘SLAHOLD’, the stopping of the clock might apply to the response activity but not necessarily to the resolution and vice versa or it might apply to both.

Maximo only holds a single value for ‘accumulated hold time’ used in calculating adjusted target times so clearly cannot be keeping a separate tally of hold time relating to response and resolution separately.

So far as I can see, Maximo calculates its adjusted target response time and adjusted target resolution time by adding the accumulated hold time to the target response time and the target resolution time, thereby applying the hold time to both. That feature does not meet our requirement and seems especially crazy if the period of hold time (as evidenced by the status history) occurred after the actual response time!

At the moment, we are having to create pairs of linked incidents to achieve the objective but the process is cumbersome and error-prone and there are grumblings.

Is there some way in Maximo of achieving our users’ requirement with single tickets instead of pairs?