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Pinned topic x3650 M4 Ctrl+H option not available after firmware update.

‏2013-01-18T15:52:53Z |
Hi everyone,

we have a x3650 M5 with a temporary Windows 2008 R2 Server. After a lot of effort we managed to upgrade the firmware, the upgrades included IMM, HDD and ServerRAID. After the installation of the firmware upgrades we wanted to reconfigure the RAID on our system, to our surprise after rebooting the system the Ctrl+H option to enter the WebBIOS Configuration Utility was not available anymore, the system boots directly into Windows. So now we are left with a few questions:

  • Did we do something wrong during the update or is this the normal behaviour?
  • Is the WebBIOS Configuration Utility still there?
  • Is there another way to access WebBIOS Configuration Utility?
  • Is there another way to configure our RAID (to RAID 6, by the way)?

I know a lot of questions, any help will be really really appreciated.

Thank you very much in advance.
  • Novikov_Alexander
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    Re: x3650 M4 Ctrl+H option not available after firmware update.

    Dear Kevin,

    it means UEFI mode enabled, but Ctrl+H in Legacy mode used only. There are 2 options, ether use uEFI F1 System Configuration Utility for configuring RAID, or enable back Legacy mode by adding "Legacy Only" at boot order on the 1st step.

    Alexander Novikov
    Russia, Moscow
  • DaveQ
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    Re: x3650 M4 Ctrl+H option not available after firmware update.


    In addition to what Alexander said, if you have a working Windows installation you should also install the MegaRAID Storage Manager application to manage your array controller via the OS. It is normal behavior to skip the legacy BIOS menus of adapter cards if a UEFI-aware OS is installed.

    MegaRAID Storage Management (MSM) Application v12.05.03.00
    You may also use the UpdateXpress Installer to perform future driver/firmware upgrades from within the OS as well (or manually download the packages from the FixCentral page for your system type).

  • SystemAdmin
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    Re: x3650 M4 Ctrl+H option not available after firmware update.

    Hi guys,

    thank you very much for your quick reply. I haven't had the chance to try it yet (we have other issues going on), but I will as soon as I have a moment, and I'm sure it will work.

    Thanks again.

    Best regards,
  • WildBill1952
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    Re: x3650 M4 Ctrl+H option not available after firmware update.


    I don't see how you did anything wrong. A few points:

    1. UpdateXpress is definitely the way to update firmware on IBM servers with Windows. Once you have the update program in place, if you have Internet access, it detects your system type and you can download 98% of the latest updates. (If you have an M4 - please read up on the PSOC update, which can't be done in Windows. Read it especially if you've lost all access to your hard drives after a reboot.)

    2. You can also update UEFI, DSA and the IMM individually thru the IMM on non-Windows servers (like VMware). For reasons unknown to me, the IMM states that this method of update is not recommended, but I have never had it fail if I downloaded the correct individual update file.

    3. The WebBIOS configuration utility is still there. When you see the bright white IBM splash screen (while it's connecting Boot Devices and Drivers), hit the F1 key. When setup comes up, cursor down to System Settings. Choose "Adapters and UEFI Drivers". Press enter to compile a list of drivers. You should see your RAID card. Place your cursor on the first selectable item under your RAID card and press enter. When given the option, enter 1 for "EFI WebBIOS". You should find yourself in familiar territory. If the mouse won't move correctly for you, play with single cursor and relative vs. absolute under the mouse tab under Tools.


    Remember, no company updates firmware for efficiency. They do it because they discovered a bug.