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Pinned topic 'timer_create' method call fails with "Resource temporarily unavailable"

‏2013-01-18T08:54:07Z |
'timer_create' method fails to create a timer_t object. The plan is to create a timer object which would call the 'callback' method once the timer expires. But the method fails with 'Resource temporarily unavailable' message. The linux man says to increase the resource limit 'RLIMIT_SIGPENDING ' but I could not find any such definition for AIX. Even the AIX manual for same method doesnt provide any resource limit increase. There are no multiple timers running in my applicatin infact this was the first timer my application was planning to create.
I have pasted my code for reference if any:
timer_t timerid;

struct sigevent se;
se.sigev_notify = SIGEV_THREAD;
se.sigev_notify_function = callback;
se.sigev_notify_attributes = NULL;
se.sigev_value.sival_ptr = &timerid;

if (timer_create(CLOCK_REALTIME, &se, &timerid) == -1)
perror ("Timer Creation Error:");