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Pinned topic Process Wise Propogation of Rules in TBSM

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Hi Team,

I have a service view tree for an application(A1).

I have two different servers S1 and S2 on which application is running.

On Server S1, I have 5 different processes running suppose call as (P1,P2,P3,P4,P5). Similarly for Server S2

Now, I want to configure rules in such a way that when Process P1 and P2 is down, there is no impact on application A1. just want to show marginal alert on Server S1.

However when all process are down that is P1-P5 are down, the impact on application A1 should show critical.

Basically, I want to configure rules on the basis of process details.

Is it possible?

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    Re: Process Wise Propogation of Rules in TBSM

    Yes. As long has you have a rule looking at each process (event, metric, state, etc.) you can either use the Output Expression or more likely an Internal Formula rule with a policy to construct the desired logic you described to control the overall status of S1/S2.

    By setting an Output Expression on S1/S2 looking at each rule you can control when S1/S2 will turn Yellow or Red. You propagation rule form S1/S2 to A1 will turn A1 Red only when S1/S2 are Red. You'll need to configure it so when S1/S2 are Yellow A1 still remains Green.