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Pinned topic creatng storage pools in v7000 via cli --- guiid option

‏2013-01-18T06:31:46Z |
I came across the guiid option while creating a storage pool in v7000 in one of your blogs.

svctask mkmdiskgrp -ext 256 -guiid 0

however i cannot find this option in the cli guides .

Can you please shed some more light on this option ?? Is this relevant in the 6.3. and 6.4 firmware levels of v7000 ???

Thanks in Advance
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    Re: creatng storage pools in v7000 via cli --- guiid option

    ‏2013-01-18T08:36:05Z  in response to SystemAdmin
    The optional
    -guiid id
    parameter sets the icon used by the GUI for that object.

    It's not documented in the CLI guide as it's only intended to be used by the GUI.

    From memory, this was introduced in