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Pinned topic My changes are not reflecting after publishing the project

‏2013-01-18T05:40:05Z |
I am using Web Experience Factory 7 and Portal server 6.1.5. I have published my project to the server and i have added the portlets in the page, i can able to see the portlet.
If i make any changes in the model, then those changes are not reflecting in the added portlet. Its not reflecting even after publishing the project again. Could anyone help pls ??
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    Re: My changes are not reflecting after publishing the project

    When a model is not automatically synchronized to the server, there's often an issue with the server configuration for the project - double check that your project's server configuration is set up correctly for the server you're using.

    When you believe you've republished and something that's clearly changed and saved in the project doesn't show up in the deployed WAR (you can check both on disk to be sure) then there's a good chance that the publish failed.

    See the following WEF Wiki article for more info on diagnosing deployment/publishing problems:

    I hope that info helps,
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