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Pinned topic RDZ 7.6 Execution Line Set Up Help Needed

‏2013-01-17T23:58:40Z |
Hello - I have RDZ 7.6 which I am using it for COBOL debugging. I want the execution line to be in the middle so I go to Window, Preferances, Run/Debug, Compile Debug then I check the box for 'Center View on Execution Line' but it doesnt work; even though its saved. Please advise what I can do. Thanks
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    Re: RDZ 7.6 Execution Line Set Up Help Needed

    Short answer:
    The preference "Center view.." only applies to the "Debugger Editor" and to make sure that the "Debugger Editor" is always used, enable the preference "Always use Debugger Editor..".

    In newer releases of RDz the preferences are organized better to show this.

    While the positioning would work you will lose language sensitive features.

    It will help if I explain how the debugger uses editors in RDz.

    The debugger supports 2 types of editors
    1) "Debugger Editor" - a basic editor that doesn't support language sensitive features. It supports the "center view..." preference
    2) "Default Editor" - the language sensitive editor defined in RDz (See preference General->Editors->File Associations) for each language type.
    It does its own positioning and doesn't use the "center view..." preference
    From your description of the problem I am very sure that you are using the language sensitive default editor.

    In newer releases of RDz (v8.x) support was added for a new COBOL editor that does a much better job of current line positioning. (It doesn't use the center preference but does ensure that the current line is not at the bottom of the view)

    And in the next fixpack to RDz v851 the editor that you are using (Lpex based) will also do a better job of positioning.

    So it might have taken a couple of releases but I think we have got editor positioning right in the latest release of RDz.