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Pinned topic Domain Op-State remains "down" after device unqueisce.

‏2013-01-17T18:27:05Z |
Has anyone experienced the following behavior, or know if it has been addressed via firmware revision? We are planning an upgrade from our current XS40.
As part of a secure-backup of the device, I am following the best practice to quiesce the device, using the SOMA cmds QuiesceDP and UnquiesceDP before/after the SOMA SecureBackup.

Observed via the WebGUI, the QuiesceDP seems to successfully queisce each domain and transition the domains Op-State to "down". However, the UnquiesceDP does not always transition all the app domains back to the "up" Op-State (although the Queisce State no longer shows 'quiesced'). The unexpected behavior is random, perhaps 50% of the time. If I then manually do an 'un-quiesce' on a domain that exhibits this behavior, it does transition to the 'up' Op-State'

The result from SOMA is always "OK" which is no help in confirming the actual Op-State is as expected.

I am setting the QuiesceDP timeout to 60 (seconds), and sleeping my process for 60 seconds after the SOMA QuiesceDP, before the SOMA SecureBackup.

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