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Pinned topic IBM Tivoli Integrated Portal for Storage Management Server for AIX V6

‏2013-01-17T15:33:22Z |
Running Firefox 18.0 on Ubuntu.

Trying to connect to Tivoli Integrated Portal , running on RHEL box.

IN Firefox Window logon to Tivoli Integrated Portal is possible , can see the TSM server there, but no Actions are possible in the Administration Panel.
When using Winodws XP with Mircosoft Internet Explorer, it is possible to perform actions as "Add Volume" in the Administration Panel.
Furthermore it is possible to start from the Tivoli Integrated Portal the
"Use Commandline ... " Panel.
But that "Use Commandline " does not return any Output , neither on "Q STG" nor on "HELP".
Running the same on WINDOWS 7 with InternetExplorer9, everything works fine, as expected

My questions are:
1. Are there required settings in Firefox that enables me to use the Potal with Firefox ?
2. How can I get the "Command Line " working in my Internet Explorer8 ?

Thankx in advance for any help
Thomas Größchen