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Pinned topic WAS ND Console what should show on the server with WXS Client Installed?

‏2013-01-17T14:13:07Z |

When I have an augmented WAS 6.1 with the 8.5 client for WAS 6.1, what should I see against the server in the WAS ND manager view? We had previously had the full 7.1.1 product installed and then augmented the profile, when you looked at the ND manager it would say that the server was on WAS and also had WXS 7.1.1 on there. However with just the client installed the ND manager is giving no indication that on that server instance WXS is installed. But that could be because its just a client on there now?

Thanks Bleddyn
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    Re: WAS ND Console what should show on the server with WXS Client Installed?

    ‏2013-01-18T17:10:02Z  in response to Bleddyn
    You can validate this by going into your WebSphere Application Server and running version info. <WAS61_INSTALL>/bin/versionInfo

    Here is what mine looks like:
    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name                     IBM WebSphere Application Server - ND Version         ID                       ND Installed Product -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name                     IBM WebSphere eXtreme Scale Version         ID                       WXS --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Version 6.1 application server view will only show the version of the WebSphere Application Server, but you should see in the Admin Console System Administration->WebSphere eXtreme Scale panels to configure your catalog service domains.

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